Creative, Problem-Solvers

We’re always looking for innovative, creative problem solvers looking to take on challenging projects and turn complexity in craftsmanship. Equally important, we look for people who thrive as part of a team. Our company team as well as the broader team that may at times include partners, service providers and consultants.

We’ve developed a number of significant construction projects, so we have an experienced, high-performing team and the process in place to be scrappy and efficient. That gives us the flexibility to be creative and innovative for our clients.

Strength in Unity

We bring more than 21 years of experience, from across the Bay Area. We’re a small company focused on small complex projects that we know we can manage and deliver successfully based on our expertise. We each bring individual strengths that complement each other and make us better at what we do. OUr individuality coupled with our ability to work closely and collaboratively also makes us agile so we can respond quickly to our clients.

Construction is a volatile business, so having a true collaboration internally and with our clients is a must for us. And we do whatever it takes to make sure a project succeeds, even when it’s not an easy conversation. We owe that to them.

Leaving a Legacy

Our projects enable affordable housing and help to serve people in need of medical services. So, for me and my team, construction is definitely about leaving a legacy of quality craftsmanship, and ultimately a thing of beauty and meaning beyond just concrete and steel.

I like to think we’re helping to provide a foundation that helps to drive something much greater. If that aligns with your careers aspirations we’d love to have you on our team.